Tehran Robotic Architectural Matters is a design to robotic production practice based in Tehran. TRAM explores and develops innovative design materialization processes. It aims to expose forms of advanced design and engineering methodologies in robotics that are currently reinventing core approaches to shaping, making and refitting the built and manufactured environment while encouraging to examine how form and structure may adapt to context and, in particular, how architecture may evolve through its occupation. TRAM negotiates issues of design practice, the nature of collaboration, machine intelligence, creativity, and human craft and investigates the entire chain: from the choice of digital modeling tools to manufacturing process.

تِرَم – معماری روباتیک تهران – استودیوای با محوریت طراحی تا ساخت روباتیک در حوزه ی معماری است. آثار طراحی و پژوهشی استودیوی تِرَم شیوه های شناخته شده و نیز نوین مادیت بخشیدن به معماری را به چالش کشیده و باز تعریف می کنند. تِرَم با سفر به حوزه های محلی و جهانی موضوعات اجتماعی و فناوری معماری، تصویر و مادیتی میان رشته ای از شیوه های طراحی تا ساخت را ترسیم کرده و می سازد. تِرَم موضوعاتی از پدیده و حرفه ی معماری را مورد موشکافی قرار می دهد که خلاقیت و نوآوری در طراحی و ساخت را در نسبت با توانایی های سیستم های سخت افزاری و نرم افزاری مصنوع و مهارت های انسانی درساخت باز تعریف می کنند. این موضوعات زنجیره ای از شیوه های مدل سازی مجازی، شبیه سازی، طراحی محاسباتی، ساخت و روباتیک را شامل می شوند. گروه تِرَم یکی از نخستین استودیو های معماری روباتیک را در تهران پایه گزاری کرده است. تِرَم پروژه های پژوهشی، طراحی و رویداد های تجربی و همایشی را پیرامون روباتیک در معماری هدایت خواهد کرد. معماری روباتیک تهران



SINA MOSTAFAVI is a practicing architect, researcher and educator with expertise in design computation and architectural robotics. He is a senior researcher and manager at Robotic Building lab of TU Delft Hyperbody group in Holland. Has practiced architecture since 2007, he is the founder of SETUParchitecture. He is currently leading design studios at Delft and Dessau Institute of Architecture at Bauhaus and has been coordinating international workshops such as INDESEM re.craft and IASS2015 Amsterdam. He is a PhD researcher at TU Delft, where has focused since 2011 on design and application of materially informed hybrid design to robotic production systems. Lectured internationally, results of his works have been published in books, journals and conferences, such as eCAADe in Delft, New Castle and Vienna, Algorithms and Actualization at AA London, ACADIA at USC Los Angeles and Cincinnati, Rob|Arch 2016 Sydney and Digital Knowledge Paris Malaquais. Architectural works by him have been featured at multiple exhibitions such as V2 gallery Rotterdam and Pompidou Center Paris.


SHABNAM HOSSEINI holds an MEng from the University of British Columbia and an MArch from the University of Toronto. She has worked in offices in Toronto and in Europe including Philippe Chaimbaretta Architecte in Paris and the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam. She was the co-curator of the first official Iranian participation in the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia. Her work has been published in Log 25 - Reclaim Reis[lience]stance, as well as Bracket 3: At Extremes” and exhibited in Toronto and Berlin. In 2014 she joined OMA again as a Senior Designer at the new Dubai branch where she spent the following two years leading various projects in the region including the new Alserkal Avenue Eventspace at Dubai’s up and coming cultural district, scheduled to open in March 2017. She runs her own design practice in Iran as well, currently building a villa in Karaj.


HASTI GOUDARZI is a practicing architect, researcher, and educator in design and experimental architecture. She obtained her architectural degree,in ESA (Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture) and her graduation work gained award of the Prix Spéciale. Her work has been published in various magazines and platforms like Cyberarchi.fr. She has been a guest graduate at PRATT institute in New York.Their studio work with Mike Silver is published in AD vol 76. Hasti holds a master in Architecture and Philosophy from ENSAPLV (Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-la-Villette).She has worked in offices and research institutions in Europe including Odile Decq studio (Paris) and CITA (Center for Information,Technology and Architecture) with Mette Thomsen in Copenhagen.Her works at CITA is published in multiple books and magazines.She have been involved in different Workshops including Peter Cook’s,Francois Roche and Mark Burry.She is a studio critique has co-tutored graduate design studios with Sylvie Dugasse since 2014,and she is currently guiding graduation project in ESA.



ADIB KHAEEZ is an architect and researcher based in Tehran. He holds a BSc from Tehran USC and is starting M.Arch at DIA at Bauhaus in Germany on winter 2017. He has been a teacher assistance from 2015 in Tehran University of science and culture. His main research interest is emergent digital practices in architecture and he has been involved in multiple computation and digital fabrication workshops. He, as an Adapt group member, earned Architizer A+ award 2017 in both jury award and people choice section for FaBRICKate project.