made in Tehran: ROBOTIC STEPFRAMEs TRAM_ Tehran Robotic Architectural Matters 2017 Summer Studio & Exhibition @ PLATFORM 28 & PATTERNITECTURE event at Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation (NACF) 21 August- 8 September 2017 Coordinators: Sina Mostafavi, Shabnam Hosseini, Hasti V.Goudarzi Tutor Assistant: Adib Khaeez with to be announced international lectures during the studio Mid opening exhibitions…

TRAM and 3DFast Collaborating For The Upcoming Summer Workshop

  3dfast is sponsoring the 3d-printing during TRAM’s upcoming summer workshop. 3dfast is an online 3d-printing service and social marketplace bringing 3d printing’s mass customization potentials into Iranian lifestyle by making a connection between 3d-printer owners and makers, designers, 3d modelers and customers based on an online platform.    

Setting up TRAM Robotic Lab

ABB Robot arm being set up in our Tehran fabrication space. 24th of August 2016, setting up one of the very first design research and architectural robotic studios in Tehran.  

Announcing TRAM

TRAM starts its journey from August 2016 as a design to production practice based in Tehran. The initial idea of  TRAM, Tehran Robotic Architectural Matters dates back to 2014. TRAM conducts research and experiments, deliver design projects and organize events on architectural robotics.